Emmanuel’s Wish Foundation is actively involved in the greater Richmond community.  Some community programs link with other EWF projects and include regular follow-up with patients discharged from the Comfort Home to ensure they are healing and thriving at home.  EWF provides a weekly parenting study in the informal squatter camp settlement in Richmond, KZN as well as monthly food parcels to the neediest families there. 

Children from impoverished local families were often not getting to school because they were unable to afford transport to school and the walk was unsafe for children.  EWF, with the gracious help of donors, was able to step in and provide transportation for these students.  20-25 children attend school because EWF is able to take them there and back safely.  In addition, EWF sponsors a breakfast program in two impoverished local schools, providing children with food at the start of their learning day, which has greatly improved energy and learning.

We are currently raising monthly support to expand our community programs to include an after-school and home-based support program for child-headed households.  With a high rate of HIV infection and one of the most affected areas of the world by Tuberculosis (TB), Richmond is situated in an area where unfortunately many children are raising their younger siblings without parents. 

To meet our Community Outreach Coordinator and learn more about our community involvement watch the video below.