volunteer in south africa

Volunteerism is a true gift of service to individuals around the world. Whether you are a student, married couple, working adult, or anyone with a desire to learn about another culture, you can find your place within EWF. Volunteers help to enrich our projects and to truly make a difference in the lives of countless people. Your presence alone will communicate to these people in very desperate circumstances, that they are valuable enough to experience first-hand love, care and kindness from others.

Emmanuel’s Wish Foundation currently offers a short-term (3 week) volunteer opportunity for teenagers and young adults running a vacation bible school (VBS) for area children.  

Emmanuel’s Wish is also welcoming to others wanting to volunteer for several weeks to a year.  Volunteering with Emmanuel’s Wish Foundation is unique because we are a small organization. We are able to look at the specific gifts that you have been blessed with and determine how you may best use them to serve others.  Current volunteer opportunities exist in the town of Richmond, South Africa in the following areas:

  • hospice care
  • build projects
  • creche operations

Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Laina Kiezebrink for more information on possible overseas volunteering options.