Siyethemba (See-ya-tem-ba) Children’s Centre is a crèche (day care/nursery school) operating in the town of Richmond, KZN, South Africa.  It houses 40-50 children aged 2-5 daily from 8am-4pm.  The majority of these children come from vulnerable homes, be they single parent, grandparent-led homes or homes in the informal squatter camp communities around Richmond.  Children are provided with a safe environment to play and learn as well as two nutritious meals. 

Siyethemba was named after a very special ten year old boy that stayed at the Comfort Home and was the first child to pass away from AIDS there.  He was deeply loved and cared for by the staff at the EWF Hospice and the children’s centre was named in his honour. Siyathemba is Zulu for “We have hope” as we believe everyone should.  To get a better picture of the joy and busyness of Siyethemba Creche check out the video below.