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Ikhaya Lokuphatheka Kahle” is the name of a 13 bed comfort home (hospice) currently operating in the town of Richmond, KZN, South Africa.  The home is an inpatient unit that is equipped to serve those sick and dying.  The majority of patients seen at the comfort home are HIV positive.  Many are diagnosed and started on treatment for Tuberculosis (TB) while in residence. 

However, a variety of different people from different walks of life walk through the doors of “Ikhaya Lokuphatheka Kahle” and are helped in whatever way possible.  For some that means that they are given a loving comfortable place to spend their last days.  For others, they are returned to health and able to return home and continue to care for their families.  We are so blessed to be a part of bringing both dignity and hope to those afflicted with AIDS.

Ikhaya Lokuphatheka Kahle means Comfort Home and we praise God that it is a place of comfort for many in the community.  To get a better picture of what our Comfort Home provides for the community please watch the video below.